Ross Branch predicts Uganda to have the next MX champions

February 22, 2016 Posted by Patrick In Motocross , , ,
Following his first race ever in Uganda, Ross Branch tipped the riders to be the future motocross champions in Africa.

Branch participated in the first round of the 2016 mx season that took place at Garuga on the 14th February. Before the race, Branch took the riders through a training session were he boosted their skills.
“Its so amazing racing in Uganda, the track is cool and the riders have passion for the sport,” he said after the race in Garuga.
“Have seen a lot of talent here, the riders need to put in much effort and surely they will be the next Africa champions,” he added.
Branch won the African titles from 2002, 2003, 2009, 2011 and has featured in several European races. Uganda’s champion Maxime Van Pee believes Branch’s visit greatly benefited the riders.
“We have really benefited from Ross’ visit, riders learnt a lot from his training and they showed it during the race,” he said.
“Most riders have seen Ross on several FIM events, after training with him they will all work to being like him,” he added.

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