FMU amends 2016 rally rule

January 9, 2016 Posted by Patrick In Motor Rally ,

The Federation of Motorsport Uganda (FMU) has passed the 2016 season regulations with amendments in the Clubman Rally Championship rule commonly known as the Two-wheel drive (2WD) rule.

The CRC rule was passed last year requiring all new entrants to start with 2WD cars before they upgraded.

However, the new rule consents drivers to start in any kind of car with a condition to start with Autocross; a new discipline that was introduced to improve new drivers skills.

“True we permitted new drivers to start in any car although they must participate in autocross events first,” says the FMU Vice President Technical, Mukiibi Katende.

“As they participate they will be accessed by experienced drivers, whoever will be found to have acquired skills to handle the rally car will be promoted to the proper CRC class,” he added.

Former rally champions drivers Charlie Lubega and Moses Lumala are among those that will employ their expertise to assess the new drivers and determine those ready for the top flight championship.

Among the passed regulations is the sequential gear box rule that accord cars with such gear boxes to score points in the NRC Championship.

Initially, cars with sequential gear boxes were scoring under group S cars.

The last regulation requires all rally drivers to use the Head and Neck Support (HANS) device for any race.

This was passed to strengthen the safety of the driver while racing.

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