2015 was a trying season says Arthur Blick Jr

January 9, 2016 Posted by Patrick In Motor Rally

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Arthur Blick Jr says the year 2015 was a challenging season in all aspect of his life.

Blick competed for three titles in 2015 winning the National rally title and Enduro championship. He narrowly missed the motocross title, finishing second behind eventual winner Maxim Van Pee.

He shared with Kawowo Sports the challenges he faced last year.

“Last season was really hectic, competing in three championships in the same year is really challenging. It exhausts you physically, financially and mentally,” he said.

“First of all when am doing MX, am cautious because any mistake could impact on my competition in rallying,” he added.

Blick now hopes on reducing the burden on himself in the new year.

“This season I might be forced to drop one discipline to put much time on the NRC title defence,” he asserted.

He will again drive a Subaru impreza N10 for the new rally season.

“Yes I will be in a new car, but I cant call it an upgrade because its the same as the old one, the only difference is the gear box in the new one has a dog box while the other had a standard gear box,” he said.

While many local drivers have opted for Mitsubishis this year, Blick maintains the Subaru has its touch of magic on and off the races.

“Subaru maintenance is cheaper. If I damage something I just go to kiseka market and get spare unlike the Evos were u sometimes need to import spares,” says Blick.

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