Muna Singh Jr – 10 Questions

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01. Tell us about Yourself?

Muna Singh Jr, Bubbles is my Car’s Nickname, we race under Dirtstar Racing Team from Zambia.

02. When did you Start Driving

I started driving cars when I was 9years old and racing got into my blood the minute of was born! Rally has run down in our family and will continue to do so…

03. Do you have a favourite race?

My favourite race is the Sasol Rally held in South Africa every year with great roads and even better organisation.

04. Is this your first time in Uganda?

This will be my first time racing in Uganda and I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last.

05. How would you Rank Ugandan rally?munasinghjr

From what I see and hear, Uganda has got the best spectators an organization would want and need and that is one of the main reasons Uganda Rally has reached where it is now!

06. Any Drivers your are Challenging?

I am not coming to challenge any driver but simply be a challenge to many drivers.

07. What do you think about the Rally Route, terrain and the like?

I’m not sure how the routes are set up but I prefer tight and technical stages as it requires skills from drivers and not speed from cars…

08. Are you aiming for a Pondium Finish?

we are physically and mentally ready, the car has been prepared and is 100% ready to fight for its country. A podium would be great but a win would be even better!!!

09. How do you Plan to do that?

I plan on taking it easy the first couple of stages and once we get comfortable we will increase our pace.

10. Anything you would want to do over and again?

Well if I were to do ARC again I would definitely take my sister as a navigator again, she calls the notes 100% perfect, looks after me every step of the way and she is very well organised. She is my navigator champion!!!


Interviewer ; Boaz Mushabe


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