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The recent Africa Sport Clubs Meeting proved to be a pivotal gathering for the sports community, addressing crucial aspects of the season and fostering collaboration among member federations. The meeting encompassed several significant events and discussions.

1. Season Report and Challenges Presentation
During the meeting, clubs presented comprehensive reports on their respective seasons, shedding light on accomplishments and highlighting challenges faced. This transparent exchange of information sets the stage for collective problem-solving and strategic planning.

2. ASN Forum: Sharing Experiences and Learning
The ASN Forum emerged as a dynamic platform where member federations and associations engaged in productive discussions. Participants shared experiences and gleaned insights from the success stories of their counterparts. This collaborative approach aims to elevate the overall standards of sports management across the continent.

3. Membership Benefits Unveiled
The meeting underscored the benefits of club membership, emphasizing access to the prestigious FIA University. Furthermore, discussions delved into road safety initiatives, exploring potential collaborations with governments to enhance safety measures for both athletes and spectators.

4. UN Partnership for Travel Solutions
A significant highlight involved partnering with the United Nations to address travel challenges. Uganda, in particular, highlighted the difficulties in obtaining visas for Africans and advocated for UN commitment to facilitating easier movement of people and goods. A notable example was the transportation of bikes to South Africa, where customs issues required resolution.

5. Online Abuse Awareness and Charter Signing
Recognizing the growing concern of online abuse, participants committed to protecting the integrity of the sport, officials, competitors, and volunteers. The meeting saw the signing of a charter aimed at combating online abuse and fostering a safer environment for all involved.

6. FIA University Graduation Ceremony
A moment of celebration ensued as members who completed their university certificates in Motorsport Governance and Management courses were officially graduated. Notable individuals such as Jackson Jay Serwanga, Lwanga Hamzah, Kees Kagolo, and GS Irene Blick were acknowledged for their commitment to advancing their knowledge in the field.
In summary, the Africa Sport Clubs Meeting served as a platform for collaboration, learning, and progression within the sporting community, reflecting a collective commitment to elevating standards and addressing challenges head on.

Compiled by: Mwambazi Lawrence.

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