Eddie Mukiibi – 10 Questions

September 15, 2016 Posted by Patrick In Interviews , ,

01. Tell us about yourself

Eddie Mukiibi and my Nickname is Flying Penguin. My Team is Carlostinah Racing Team and am from Uganda

02. When did you start driving

Started driving in May 2014 after serving as co driver to different drivers in 2wd and CRC and also after serving for long as a Marshal

03. Do you have a Favorite Race?

My favourite is NRC, WRC and FIA Rally Cross world Championship

04. So, how many Pearl Rallies have you raced at?

Two Editions of pearl Rally

05. How do you Rate / Rank the Rally in Uganda?

The fan base is growing a lot drivers are continuing to invest and I feel its high time the Organization and management match this kind of development.

06. Any Driver you want to Challenge?

No. I don’t challenge any drivers. I work towards personal best. I only challenge my self. I must do better than last time. That’s my benchmark

07. How prepared are you for this Pearl Rally?

No Sponsor yet so I have to dig deep into my pocket to have a good and smooth rally. So preparations are going on at my own pace.

08. What do you think about the Rally Route, Terrain and Stages in this year’s Pearl Rally?

  1. A lot. The Ugandan routes are a bit outdated considering that most drivers are self sponsored and we have many rallies a year almost every month.

  2. These routes not only break cars but also our pockets. For pearl I still think of the normal rough sections with stones and ditches.

09. Are you set for a Podium Finish?

Yes. My Target in this Rally is to Finish but on a podium position in the 2WD Category

10. If you were to do it again, what’s that thing you would do over and over?

Many things. Driving my flying penguin. Is one of them. I can do it over and over again, try crazy things with it.


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