FIA Commends FMU Road Safety Efforts

FMU’s effort to promote Road Safety have not gone unnoticed. One of them being in the recent Masaka Rally Road Safety initiative that saw Uganda Police and Other Stake Holder engage in Safety Procedures

In an Letter dated May 18, 2016, addressed to the FMU president, Mr. Dusman Okee, the FIA President expressed great pleasure in the efforts that FMU is taking to help promote and Road Safety as outlined by the FIA’s ‘Action for Safety’ Campaign.

‘Dear Dusman

Thank you for updating me on the strong cooperation for road safety which is being developed with the support of FMU in Uganda. I am pleased to see that the safety efforts initiated at last year’s African Congress are now making progress.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

With best wishes

Jean Todt’

FIAFMURoadSafetyMasaka2FMU Road Safety Campaign – Masaka Rally

FMU Launched a Road Safety Campaign just before the recently concluded Masaka Rally in a bid to create awareness and help increase Road Safety not only during Motorsport events but also in the daily lives of citizens.

The Road Safety campaign which was done in close partnership with the Uganda Police as well as other Stake holder sincluding the Motorsport Fraternity in Uganda which had great impact

About the FIA Action for Road Safety

The FIA’s ‘Action for Road Safety’ campaign, launched in support of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, is based around 4 key priorities:

  1. Advocacy at the highest levels – The FIA has developed key working relationships with international institutions such as the UN, the World Health Organisation, the European Union and the World Bank and governments around the world.
  2. Action by clubs on the ground – The FIA is supporting its club network through the FIA Grant Programme. Established in 2012, the Grant Programme works with clubs to improve road safety at a local level.
  3. Motor sport and Road Safety – The FIA has mobilised the motor sport community to promote the FIA’s Action for Road Safety.
  4. Campaigns & Partnerships – The FIA has launched its own initiatives, such as the 10 Golden Rules and an online pledge in its mission to make roads safer. To mobilise for the cause, the FIA has also established numerous institutional and corporate partnerships with leading actors.

Leanr More About Safety at :  Action for Road Safety Website



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