Patel rolls at Shakedown, but returns on time to qualify.

October 21, 2023 Posted by Patrick In Rally News

Kenya’s Karan Patel, co-driven by Tauseef Khan in a Ford Feista R5 will sweep the Zambian International rally roads as car number one.
At Free practice of 1.5km shakedown stage at Lusaka Motor Club, the crew was baptised with an early shocker, when their car rolled after kissing a concrete pillar when picking aleft round about turn.
Luckily, the KCB Bank-sponsored crew managed to fix their car in time, returned for the qualifiers run thus picked on to start as car number one.
Uganda’s ARC2 contender ,crew of Innocent Bwamiki and Hamza Lwanga in an Evo9, leave the ramp as car number two, chased by Jas Mangat in Hyundai I20 in third place, as homeboy Leroy Gonez runs fourth,and current ARC leader Yasin Nasser will chase in fifth place respectively.

Tanzania’s Prince Charles Nyerere in an will run as car number six, as Kenya’s ‘Problem child’ with who they are running for FIA Junior African Rally championship title chases seventh.
Drivers will have to run three competitive stages, before first service at Barn Motel.

More to come……

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